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Shareholder Agreements

Pavese will work closely with clients to craft any organizational or operational documents needed by the entity, such as corporate bylaws, operating agreements, partnership agreements, declarations, land trust documents, shareholder agreements, and all other agreements that are necessary for the start-up and continued operation of the business.

Many times our clients are closely-held family entities. A large concern of our clients is that the business is safe from outside interference and can be passed on to their families or children. Whether the company is a closely-held family business or is a large company with multiple owners, Pavese can provide assistance with ensuring the orderly succession of an interest in the company. No matter what the reason for the transfer of an ownership interest in a company, our firm will work with the clients to ensure the interest will pass to the intended family members or other parties and not to an outsider. We can assist the owners of the company in drafting a Shareholder or Buy-Sell Agreement that benefits the company and the remaining shareholders. By working closely with the owners of the company, our firm can provide ample assurance that the company or the remaining owners will have the financial capability to purchase the interest of the former owner, whether by the use of insurance policies, installment notes, or otherwise.

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