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Foreign Corporations

Our firm provides counsel and assistance to out-of-state domestic and foreign corporations desiring to perform business activities in Florida. Whether a client is contemplating opening a branch office in Florida, forming a Florida subsidiary of a foreign company or seeking a certificate of authority to transact business in Florida, we offer assistance to the client in deciding the manner in which to operate its business in Florida to maximize profitability while minimizing financial exposure and expense. We also assist our clients in the preparation of any documents needed by the Florida Department of State, as well as other state and local business authorities, before an out-of-state company is allowed to perform business activities in Florida. Our attorneys work diligently with such companies to ensure any state, local or municipal requirements are met prior to operating their business in Florida. Pavese also works to counsel clients on maintenance of licenses, tax receipts and other documents needed by the company to maintain an active business in Florida after the initial documents have been filed.

Many of the firm’s corporate clients operate real estate and investment entities. While the Florida Department of State has certain blanket requirements pertaining to an out-of-state company operating in Florida, the Florida Statutes and Administrative Rules contain a great deal of additional regulations which govern certain business industries, particularly real estate and brokerage related services. Our firm has a great deal of experience in advising out-of-state clients on issues such as licensure and the requirements mandated in order to operate a particular business enterprise in Florida. We assist our clients in the formation of the initial business plan for its enterprise, as well as the continued operation of its business in Florida, by taking into consideration each client’s individual circumstances in order to provide the competent and cost-effective representation for which our firm is known.

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